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    What tree is it?

    If you don’t know describe as best as possible.

    Eg. Bark texture, colour etc, leaf size, colour, cones or seed pods etc

    How big is it?

    Metres or feet will do, or is it 2 stories high etc

    How close is it to sensitive objects?

    Ie plants, sheds, green houses, house, road, pavement, septic tanks.

    What do you want to do with the waste created from the trees removal?

    if it is left on site it can often be cheaper as a lot of the work in tree surgery is waste removal. Do you want the timber logged etc?

    How close can we get the Chipper and Truck?

    This is a ford transit with a ½ tonne wood chipper on the back. Is it a long drag? Around bends, up steps, over garage flat roofs etc

    Is the tree in a conservation area?

    If you are unsure then click this link and type in your post code to discover if you are. click on the ‘Enviroment’ option on left hand menu, scroll to click box ‘conservation areas’ to see if you are.

    Does the tree have a TPO (tree preservation order) ?

    this can be obtained by phoning the council to check. All works to a TPO tree require planning permission from the council. This is something that we can deal with.

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