Rustic Furniture From Cornwall

The Cuboid – From £99 + VAT

These stand alone cuboids are just over 1 ½ ft tall and 1ft square, and are perfect for dotting around the garden, they make great seats or plant pot stands or even flowerbed features. The Cuboid is £69 + VAT or 3 for £207 + VAT.

These are available in various sizes, and different finishes. The smaller ones are about 14”x14” and vary in height, but on average they are 22” high. They make a great side table, for the sofa or by the bed, they can be up right or horizontal. These are naturally heavy items, so you can choose to add a set of castors for £15 extra.

Sanded and Waxed Finish

The Aged and Waxed Finish

This finish cant be judged until you have touched and felt it, you can feel every grain and imperfection in the wood, it’s a real tactile piece.

The Coffee Table – £350 + VAT

This coffee table is a solid section of reclaimed timber, with solid bearers underneath, the thickness is 6 inches, 20” wide and 36” long. This item is packed with features, from every angle you will always see something new.

This model is on 5” castor wheels, as you can appreciate these are heavy! The castors can be smaller, or removed completely, what ever is your personal preference. See the video for more pictures. The finish is waxed

This video shows the initial process for the making of some of these pieces.

All of the benches and seats are made from locally sourced timber, and are processed and built in Cornwall.

Each of the items are all originals in their own right, some are hardwoods, some are softwoods, timber of this size in either wood will last for years outside if left untreated, but can be treated to prolong its life.

The Big Bench


The Big Bench is just over 6ft long, all hand crafted and there are no mechanical joints or joining mechanisms, its all held together by its own weight and size.

£500 + VAT in soft wood

£550 + VAT in hardwood

Other sizes are available please ask.

The Small Bench


This one is just over 6ft long, the top sits on the legs, that are square cut, the timbers naturally sit on each other, as the size and weight holds them in place well, this makes it easier to dismantle and move around (they can be fixed together with a drilled hole and fixing bolt if preferred, at no extra cost)

The Small Bench costs £200 + VAT

Delivery Options

Free delivery is available for The Big Bench within Cornwall.

Delivery is to be arranged on small benches depending on location.